Government Operations


ACEs has a highly experienced corporate management team which is composed of retired military veterans and personnel with proven experience managing government contracts and programs.

Socio-Economic Status

• Service-Disabled Veteran Small Business (SDVOSB)
• Woman-Owned Small Business (WOSB)
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Core Competencies

• Program Management
• Project Control and Management
• Technical, Cost, and Schedule
• Performance Risk Management
• Quality Assurance
• Security Management
• Inventory Management
• GFE / GFP Management

Core Capabilities

• Command and Control
• Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance
• Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) and Improvised Explosive Device (IED)
• Communications IT
• Logistics
• Systems Operations & Integration
• Configuration Management
• Education & Training
• Modeling & Simulation
• Test & Evaluation
• Critical Mission Support
• Staff Augmentation

Weapons Systems Experience

• B-52G/H: AN/ALQ-172 Electronic Warfare Suite
• B-1B: AN/ALQ-161 Avionics Suite and Tail Warning System
• B-2: Avionics
• C-130: AN/ALQ-172 Electronic Warfare Suite
• F-18: Airborne Self Protection Jammer (ASPJ)
• F-16: Airborne Self Protection Jammer (ASPJ)
• F-15: AN/ALR-56 EW system, Forward-look 3D SAR, Goldenbird,
• F-111 (retired): ALR-62 Radar Warning Receiver
• AH-64 Apache: Integration of experimental SAR radar in conformal configuration
• Panavia Tornado: Self Protection Jammer (Italy and Germany)
• Joint STARS: Early Operational Test and Evaluation
• OTH-B Radar: Operational Test and Evaluation (ground based)
• DREEM: Drone Radar Cross Section Electronic Enhancement Mechanism, Black box to emulate RCS of various threat a/c RCSs on target drones
• Predator: Development of a new weapon delivery system for Preadator/Reaper.

Other Systems:

• Open Skies EWIR data base analysis
• Concealed Target Detection Program
• SADS-X threat simulator development and integration
• Eagle Vision Data Integration Segment
• Submarine Torpedo Defense System Analysis
• Acoustic Device Countermeasure (ADC-MK4)

IDIQ Contract Vehicles

General Services Administration (GSA)
• Multiple Award Schedule (MAS), GS-10F-0044P, Prime: Advanced Concepts Enterprises, Inc.

US Air Force
•Air Force Special Operations Command (AFSOC) Systems Engineering and Technical Assistance (SETA) VI, FA0021-22-D-0004

US Navy
• SeaPort Enhanced (Seaporte), N00178-12-D-6750, Prime: ACEs

US Army
• AMCOM Express, W31P4Q-09-A-0021, Prime: Torch Technologies, Inc.


Contractor Performance Assessment Reports (CPARS) Rated 100% EXCEPTIONAL

• Technical, Management, Cost and Schedule Performance
• Annual Evaluation
• Mandatory for Contracts over $1M per year

“This is bar-none the best contracting company I’ve worked with in 25 years of service; Their personnel and management is critical to our success.”
- A very satisfied DOD customer.

“Not only do these veterans understand the mission, they can bring experience, innovation, responsiveness, agility and efficiency to the fight...
 -Norton A. Schwartz
General, Chief of Staff
United States Air Force

“The threats facing our nation in air, space and cyberspace demand the innovation, agility and efficiency that only small businesses can bring to the fight.”
-Ronald A. Poussard
Director, Office of Small Business Programs
Office of the Secretary of the Air Force

Security Program

• Rated “Satisfactory” by Defense Counterintelligence Security Agency (DCSA)
• The highest rating available for a company our size

Locations Where We Operate

In the United States

• Fort Walton Beach, FL (Headquarters)
• Eglin AFB, FL
• Hurlburt Field, FL
• Luke AFB, AZ
• San Diego, CA
• Moody AFB, GA
• Robins AFB, GA
• Scott AFB, IL
• NAS Meridian, MS
• Cannon AFB, NM
• Fort Bragg, NC
• Rome, NY
• Wright-Patterson AFB, OH
• Tinker AFB, OK
• Lackland AFB, TX
• Norfolk, VA
• McChord AFB, WA
• Washington, D.C.

Dynamic Work Enviornment

ACEs' advanced infrastructure allows for work at ACEs' location, the customer's location, and/or telework depending on what is most advantageous for the situation and employee work style. We have found that flexibility in the work environment provides for rapid response, employee motivation.

Environmental Program

Advanced Concepts Enterprises, Inc. is committed to protecting the environment and preventing pollution in all of our activities in accordance with customer and legal requirements. Our goal is to educate employees and others who work on behalf of ACEs about the importance of protecting the environment and supporting our customer’s environmental programs. We have implemented internal programs to establish and meet environmental objectives and targets.

Meets DCAA Requirements

Advanced Concepts Enterprises, Inc.'s  accounting system policies and procedures have been reviewed by Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) and deemed “Adequate with No Findings,” the highest possible rating.

Efficient Overhead

ACEs prides itself on running a very efficient operation as can be witnessed by our very low rates to our customers. Our well-integrated systems, policies, quality management system, and competent staff are the basis for our efficiencies. Within the rate structure, we are able to take good care of our employees. That means that employees are well compensated and the customer gets a best competitive value.

Safety & Health at Work

Advanced Concepts Enterprises, Inc. places a high value on the safety of its employees. ACEs is committed to providing a safe workplace for all employees and has developed this program for injury prevention to involve management, supervisors, and employees in identifying and eliminating hazards that may develop during our work process. It is the basic safety policy of this company that no task is so important that an employee must violate a safety rule or take a risk of injury or illness in order to get the job done. ACEs has developed a system for identifying and correcting hazards and plans for foreseeable emergencies. ACEs provides initial and ongoing training for employees and supervisors.

Employees are required to comply with all company safety rules and are encouraged to actively participate in identifying ways to make our company a safer place to work. Supervisors are responsible for the safety of their employees and as a part of their daily duties must check the workplace for unsafe conditions, watch employees for unsafe actions and take prompt action to eliminate any hazards.

Contingency Plan

ACEs has the capability to respond to emergencies or disasters (such as a hurricane) that would require personnel to evacuate and operations to be relocated. Our business is geographically distributed and can continue to function virtually uninterrupted from multiple remote and separated locations. We have policies, procedures, and an alternate infrastructure scheme in place to support this contingency requirement.

Local Impact

To Jobs & Economy

  • To date, ACEs has provided jobs to over 700 employees and hundreds of subcontract employees throughout the United States
  • Less than .02% of employees terminating joined the unemployed
  • All other terminating had immediate follow-on employment

To Charities That Benefit Military Wounded, Dependents and Widows

We Value our Employees and Customers

We understand the Mission

We bring the Experience

We are Affordable

We Deliver